Claim Back The Cost

Are you wanting to treat your staff to a Christmas Party but are looking at how the already tight budget will cope?

In these time of budget cuts, the Staff Party is often the first thing to go. This can not only result in lower staff morale but also remove one of the reasons that staff have stayed loyal to your company. There is good news however, your Christmas Party may not cost your company quite as much as you would think.

If you are running a profitable company then you can claim the costs of "entertaining your staff" at a Christmas Party back against your tax bill. This will help to reduce this bill as well as provide an immeasurable boost to staff morale - everyone likes to feel valued, let their hair down and have a good time - throwing a party is without a doubt, the best way to achieve this.

So if you need to use up some of your budget and tax allowance for the year, then using this £150 per employee could be a great way of achieving this, Contact Us  for more details on this.